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Commissioning a portrait

The time taken from commission to completion will vary according to my order book and clients individual requirements. It is usual to allow 2 to 3 months,
With more time again for Christmas.
(Although I am sometimes able to accept commissions at short notice.)

Tansy’s take on photographs

Although I prefer to take my own working photographs, I can work from clients pictures as long as they are clear and preferably taken in good natural daylight. I will be very happy to offer helpful tips and advice on the best way to provide suitable photographs for a commission.

Portraits from sittings

I really enjoy the immediacy of working from sittings, although working from photographs is my preferred option for young children for whom sitting still is a big ask.

Sittings take approximately 2 hours and can be drawn in either pencil, sanguine pastel [red chalk] or black pastel.
Sittings in full colour pastel are usually completed within a day.


Tansy Rice Caley PORTRAITURE